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Difference between Sanganeri and Bagru Print

Difference between Sanganeri and Bagru Print

The heart of Rajasthan lies in its rich culture and heritage. The desert state is renowned for its exuberant art and craft. One of Rajasthan's most popular handicrafts is block printed fabric. The Sanganeri and Bagru prints of this state are celebrated all over the country, and have acquired international acclaim as well. They adorn garments, bedspreads, curtains, table linen, and other household decoration items.


Considering the two most important printing techniques, Sanganeri and Bagru, they are much loved for quality designs. Representing complexity with authenticity, Sanganeri printing techniques are vibrantly evident from the exquisite floral patterns. They are said to be simply beautiful and carried out richly on the white background. Talking about its comparison with Bagru Printing, Bagru is carried out with elegance and on an indigo or bluish shaded background.


The Sanganeri and Bagru prints are very similar, but the latter employ a narrower range of colours. Moreover, unlike the Sanganeri prints which are always on a white or off-white background, the prints of Bagru are mostly red and black and blue. 


Furthering on the road of comparison, water plays a vital role in determining the results of a printing technique. In Sanganeri, water effect leads to the appearance of effects in a darker tone. As the water was available in abundance, printing and washing were easily carried out. On the other hand, water in Bagru lends a reddish touch to the block printing patterns. It is scarcity of water that led Bagru to opt for Dhabu resisted as well as indigo work. Beauty of the designs and patterns are such that it could strike anyone in a single gaze. 

Now, taking hold of the motifs, the ones in Bagru style represent larger sizes coupled with bolder lines. On the other side of the coin, prints from Sanganeri are soberly tuned with fie lines and intricate detailing.


In both the Sanganeri and Bagru prints, the colours are picked carefully. Each has a separate significance. For instance, red is the colour of love, yellow of spring, indigo of Lord Krishna, and saffron of the yogi (seer). The wooden blocks that are used are made of teak wood. And traditionally, vegetable dyes made of madder, pomegranate rind, indigo, and turmeric are used. These have now been largely replaced by chemical dyes. Often, the fabric is dyed before it is printed.


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